Shift and Share

Shift and Share is a pilot strategic distribution (Shift) and an audience & skills development (Share) project, to increase audiences for small-scale dance in the South West.

The project seeks to:

- Establish a long-term network for developing and touring dance in the SW

- Commission audience-friendly work (Joli Vyann’s Imbalance)

- Coordinate touring (Cscape’s Taste and Zoielogic Dance Theatre’s Safe)

- Develop the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence in the SW venue, and dance sector, particularly in terms of audience development & marketing

- Develop, pilot and evaluate innovative ways of developing dance audiences, particularly for young people, dance students (i.e. from both informal and formal settings) and cross over audiences (i.e. those that attend other art forms, but not necessarily dance)

- Bring dance companies and venues together to work closely from conception to completion to 1) make & present more audience focused work, and 2) share venue and company needs and aspirations.


Image: Joli Vyann presents Imbalance. Photography by James Williams.