Gradlab Mapped Theatre 3

The GradLab project develops dance graduates, supporting the next generation of talent as part of the vibrant dance ecology within the south and providing them with a deeper understanding of the pathways to a successful career within the dance sector.

Participants are offered a range of workshops including: marketing, freelancing, self-employment, company set up and teaching development. They are given studio space to develop a new work where they receive choreographic mentorship and gain experience of sharing work and professional performance.

The project is generously supported by; The Linbury Trust, Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire County Council, The Place, GraduateOn, University of Chichester, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, University of Winchester and MÓTUS  

New to 2019, the project has support from South East Dance (SED), giving graduates the opportunity to develop their connections with other regional dance networks and to receive additional mentoring support from SED producers.

GradLab 2018-2019 supported three choreographers who worked with eight graduate dancers to make three new pieces which were shared with audiences across the south coast, London and Milton Keynes. The GradLab choreographers and dancers were a mixture of graduates from The University of Chichester, The University of Winchester, The University of Exeter and The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

2018-2019 Commissioned Work:


When nature forces you out of your homeland, you must embark on a journey into the unknown. What do you hold onto? What do you leave behind? Time is running out.

Shifted explores what is means to be uprooted and displaced unexpectedly. This new piece of dance theatre uses gripping physicality, powerful imagery and ‘striking’ soundscapes.

“Moments that will stay with me for a long time.”

Choreographer: Natalie Bell
Dancers: Brandon Clarke, Gabrielle Martin, Samuel Ozouf

ASAR Dance Co.
Trance With Me

A chaotic, fun filled mix of: our sweat, perfume, favourite playlist and a dry mouth. Time for you to trance and dance with me.

Choreographer: Tasarla Watson                                                                                                                          
Dancers: Becky knight, Rachel Saxon

“Tasarla Watson and her cheekily talented dancers, the distinctly individual but equally terrific Becky Knight and Rachel Saxon, have a hit on their hands in Trance With Me. Set to a string of music (from ‘Sway’ and ‘Pink Panther’ to Piaf and Vivaldi), this young, smart, fresh and funny performance kept me grinning. It’s like a two-person party buoyed by a throwaway sense humour that is sustained, delightfully goofy and confidently knowing.” - Donald Hutera

SBA creations

This work puts a lens on the 'unsteady' when our axis point flips and we have to reconfigure our connection to our centre point and how we are forced to face this readjustment in a sensitive manner. Through the development of this work it also takes into account that all is temporary in life and how we can accept this and deal with it. What support network do we have?

Choreographer: Solomon Berrio-Allen
Dancers: Claire Hackston, Hana Pospisilova, Lesya Tyminska