My Two Weeks at The Point - Annabelle
Annabelle WE

During my first week doing work experience at The Point, I was introduced to the Arts Award which will be something I would be working on throughout the next 2 weeks of my work experience. The Arts Award requires me to be involved in a lot of the art activities at the point. This made my placement interesting and eye opening.  While doing the Arts Award I was also taking it in turns to help out in the different teams that work at the point.

On Monday I helped out in the Drama department, helping Lewis brainstorm some set and costume ideas for their upcoming Christmas production.

On Tuesday I was introduced to Film programming with Liz. I found out that her job can be stressful because some of the films are not always released on the predicted date etc. It was very interesting to learn about the process of film programming.

On Wednesday I spent the morning with Lorraine helping out in the box office. I learnt how to process a cheque into the computer system. Halfway through I had to leave to participate in filming project run by Capital FM south coast.

Here is the link to the video

Thursday morning I was taken out to visit the Sorting Office with Harry and Holly, this was a part of my Arts Award and then in the afternoon I learned about marketing with Hayleigh and on Friday afternoon I was helping in the Dance department with Alana and KJ and their admin work. We were stapling and posting newsletters to different schools about the upcoming dance events.

Overall I think my first week at The Point went very well everyone is super friendly and chatty. I also have experienced many new things and learned a lot.

During my second week at The Point I continued to work on my Arts Award. I have almost completed my Arts Award. Later on in the week I will be completing the last section of my Arts Award which is helping out in a dance class at The Point. I will be assisting Tori in the Ballet juniors company. I will be leading 2 exercises during the class for the kids to help teach them the basics to ballet.

On Tuesday 13th of September I was helping out in the tech department in The Point. They were preparing for their season launch that was happening that evening. I was asked to help test the sound from the PowerPoint to make sure it all sounded clear during the evening. Later on I learnt how to make a cable; it was quite fiddley trying to connect the cables and the plugs!

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks at The Point it has been interesting and enjoyable also I really liked helping out in the different teams at The Point because I learnt different things each day. I do recommend going to The Point for work experience because everybody here is very lovely and friendly, also you get to experience new things each day which I found exciting because each morning I knew I wouldn’t be doing the same thing every day.

- Annabelle