My Work Experience Highlight - Beatrice

Wednesday afternoon, I worked with Hayleigh doing marketing which I actually really enjoyed doing. I wrote a leaflet persuading people to watch The Little Red Hen at The Berry Theatre in December. At school one of my least favourite subjects is English, I hate reading but I’ve never minded writing. I like to write stories and now I like writing persuasively too. The job of marketing is to persuade people. At The Point, they make all the websites and social media accounts for both theatres, they also create all the further information for upcoming performances at The Point and The Berry Theatre. I found some parts of their job confusing because it’s a big role at a theatre to market everything for big shows, their basically trying to help to show company earn more money by telling people why they should come and see specific shows. Telling them more information that they may not already know like; dates, times, what the shows about, age limits, etc. I found Hayleigh's job really interesting and it has changed my mind about what I thought marketing was all about.

After I’d finished writing about The Little Red Hen, I told Hayleigh that I was in to dance and that that was I wanted to do in the future. So she asked me if I could find some quotes on some dance companies that had used The Point in the past so they can use them for their social media accounts. I found two for Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company for their Material Men Redux Dance that they performed at The Point. She saved them onto their quote document and said that they will use them next time they need to write quotes for that particular show. Overall I did really enjoy working with the marketing department.

- Beatrice Fleat