My Work Experience Week - Lucy King
SortingOffice (1)

During my time so far at my work experience placement at The Point Theatre, I’ve had a wonderful time. On my first day at my work experience, I was introduced to the Bronze Arts Award which I will be completing over the next week. I worked on my Bronze Arts Award in the morning of my first day and in the afternoon I was introduced to Liz in Programming.

I thought I knew a lot about theatre but I had never before heard of the job of a programmer. Liz gave me a brief introduction to what the job was all about and how she does it on a daily basis. Her job is to programme when different events will take place at both The Point and The Berry Theatre. This opened my eyes to the fact that there are more jobs in theatre than just actors, technical and box office!

After she had introduced me to what her job was about, Liz then gave me a list of movies that are scheduled for release throughout 2017. She gave me the instruction to choose two movies that could be screened and bring in a large audience. I got to spend the afternoon watching movie trailers and assessing their suitability for screening at the theatre. 

I really enjoyed my first day for work experience and I couldn’t wait to come back for the rest of the week.

On my second day (Tuesday 23rd May 2017) I continued to work on my Bronze Arts Award for the time that I was in for that day.

I have had a busy day today on Wednesday 24th May, I started by going to a team brief with the employees at The Point. Next, I was taken to go to The Sorting Office with Harry. I really enjoyed going around The Sorting Office and looking at all of the amazing artwork made by all of the artists. Next I went to a meet and greet where I met the residents working in the Creation Space for the week. Both of them were really nice and it was cool to hear what they were here to do. I wrote about The Sorting Office as a part of my Bronze Arts Award.

Later, I went to work in the box office with Lorraine. She taught me about her job and how people are able to book tickets over the phone as well as in person. It also showed me how busy the box office actually is and how many phone calls come through because she works the box office for both The Point and The Berry Theatre.

Finally, this afternoon I’m in marketing and Jenny has taught me what she does to promote the different events at both theatres. She talked me through the layout of the brochures and has asked me to design a poster for an event that The Point or The Berry Theatre has planned for the future.

Overall, I have enjoyed my week of work experience so far and I have loved the happy and excited atmosphere from everyone all week. I would recommend coming to The Point to the students in the younger years at school because I have learned so much over the past three days and I would love for my peers to be able to have the same great experience that I have had over my time at The Point.

- Lucy King