My Work Experience at The Point – Blog by Jacob Corrie

What a wonderful time I have had here at The Point! I am here to fulfil my work experience placement from the 17th until the 21st of July. During my time, I am experiencing a grand tour of all the different sectors of this fantastic theatre; both on stage, backstage, and upstairs in the management areas of this venue.

When I arrived, I was excited to see what I would be up to for my stay here. I rocked up to the foyer and went to the box office to tell Keith I was here for work experience. He welcomed me and told me Holly – the Drama Development Intern, and my supervisor for the week – would be down soon. She was down in a jiffy and gave me a warm welcome. We sat down and talked about what my week here would consist of. She talked about the Bronze Arts Award I would be completing for a significant part of the week. I was given a timetable with my shift times for every day, and a lanyard with key fob to get me through all the important doors! I thought it was pretty cool that I had a key fob all for myself, and Holly told me that I was the most excited person to open a door she had ever had!

For a lot of my time here so far I have been working on my Bronze Arts Award, and award from Trinity College London that recognises young peoples’ participation and involvement in the arts. It is proving a fun project to do. It involves researching an arts inspiration of mine – Lin-Manuel Miranda, an American Composer, playwright, lyricist, actor, and singer well known for being the founding father of Hamilton – a Broadway musical. The main focus of the award is in fact my stay here at The Point – notably how I have been actively participating in an arts activity here. The third thing it involves is watching or viewing an arts performance, which will most likely be an immersive virtual museum – the Grace Dieu – which Dan (the Drama Development Manager) has been leading the construction of. Finally, it involves sharing my skills to a group. For this, I am going to lead a drama warm up with the Point Youth Theatre tonight with Lewis.

Focusing back on what I have been experiencing here outside of my arts award, I worked with Liz – The Point’s programmer – to programme some films to be screened this coming November. She informed me about how her job works, what she does, and why it is important. In short, she schedules and arranges what performances and cinema screenings are shown here. This involves staying in constant contact with distributors, and agents of artists, to get performances here.

I was given the task of programming some films for two different demographics – older citizens, and kids – to be screened here in November. She briefed me on the preferences that these audiences have in films, to aid me in my decisions in what to programme. She said that the older audience enjoy British films, and that they like gentle comedy; and that the kids just like anything hilarious!

The three films I chose to program for the older demographic were The Limehouse Golem – because it is a very British mystery film. Dunkirk – how could I not? It is a classic British film about war. The final film I chose, which is the most adventurous and risky of the three, is Final Portrait. It is a film set in Sweden based around an artist. I chose it because it has an aspect of delicate comedy, and in general it is a touching, feel-good film.

For the two kids’ films, I chose Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie as it is based on a well-known, worldwide story, and because it is very comedic. I also chose The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature as it is very funny and new.

Yesterday, I worked in the box office with Loraine. It was very fun, and was highly enjoyable as Loraine is so lovely. She introduced me to the box office systems involved in booking tickets for customers, as well as some of the big upcoming projects happening here soon.

This morning I have been working with Jenny in marketing. She briefed me on her role within the marketing team here, and what marketing is all about. She highlighted how important it is in selling tickets, especially for shows that aren’t as well known. She also listed all the different ways in which she and her team market, from Letters to newspapers, and eFlyers to Snapchat!

So far with her I have been writing this blog, as well as working on a direct mail letter to audience members regarding what events I think they might like to attend.

I have the rest of today and tomorrow until I have to sadly depart from this wonderful place. I still have a lot to do, like working with Lewis and his Youth Theatre tonight, as well as finalising my arts award. I guess it shows how productive it is here, even though it is incredibly fun!

By Jacob Corrie