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My work experience started when I walked through the doors and found myself faced with the box office. To start the day I needed to sign in to a book to say I was in the building but also sign out when I left the building. Lorraine who was working in the box office told me my work experience advisor would be here soon. Then when Holly arrived she told me about the bronze arts award briefly then we went on a tour of the building.

This tour featured a safety brief by Dave telling me the fire exits, where to meet if there is a fire and important things like that. After this we arrived at the drama development office, which is where I would spend most of my time this week. This led to a proper bronze arts award run down with Lewis and I worked on this arts award for the rest of the day.

Day 2 was simple another as I worked on my arts award for the first half of the day but then after lunch I was with Liz in film and programming and we watched trailers to sum it up which is amazing. She did give a lot of information on her job and the history of film so I learned a lot.

Sorting Office


Day 3 was a long one with many activities. It started at 9:30am with a team briefing and I felt a bit out of place to be honest because everyone had made these great achievements towards the theatre but I haven’t done anything like that yet so that was fun. After this I went to The Sorting Office which meant we had to go out of the building with Harry but we had to go down a sketchy alley to get their. When we got their though the art was amazing all having different features which made them amazing. After lunch I had an hour with Lorraine in the box office however the box office is a busy job and so every time she tried to say something the phone would ring or somebody needed something so she tried and I did learn a bit. My last hour was arts award stuff.

Day 4 was arts award all day until 4 when I had to help out with The Point theatre drama session for 8-9s with Lewis and Jamie. I thought they would be quite loud and annoying but they were actually well behaved and I enjoyed my workshop session with them.

Day 5 was my final day and I had marketing with James and he taught me how they market in particular and why they do it in a certain way. After this I made a blog for The Point website which takes us to now.

To sum up my experience I had an amazing, fantastic time as I learned so much about how the roles we don’t see effect the theatre. Also all the staff was so welcoming and helpful towards everyone and me so I couldn’t rate this as a bad experience ever.

By Oliver Hiscocks