My Work Experience Week - Kitiya McMillan
Workshop photo (1)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that I’ve had at The Point for my first work experience placement so far. Even though I’m slightly quiet, all of the staff have been very friendly and have made me feel very comfortable.

Firstly, I had met Holly previously in my interview to join this placement therefore – I wasn’t that nervous but rather excited to join The Point for my work experience, even though I had come alone. As I arrived I met Lorraine at the Box Office who taught me how to sign in and when to sign in, in case of a fire or safety hazard. Holly then arrived and showed me around the building and explained to me what sort of work might take place during my time at the theatre. My favourite space within the theatre is the Creation Space because it’s a space everyone can enjoy, from aerial performers to people with disabilities and make dreams come true.

In the afternoon I then spent time with Liz, the programmer at The Point; and I have learnt what a programmer’s job is and how you have to search hard for films and productions that will encourage different types of audiences to come to The Point. I was then given the task to select two different movies for two different target audiences I then chose ‘Mama Mia: Here we go again’ and ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’

On Tuesday I then started to complete my Arts Award when I completed a word document on what my aims for my time at here are and why I chose The Point.

Yesterday I went to the Box Office with Lorraine; I was quite excited because Lorraine is a really sweet person who I enjoy to work with. I then learnt how to sell tickets for shows through the Box Office and on the phone; also how busy and stressful the Box Office can be! I then completed more of my Arts Award and then watched an educational film made by The Point called ‘Error 404’. I really liked it and the way they used facts and statistics to teach their audiences why cyberbullying can affect lives.

Today I have learnt a lot from the marketing team. For example, how the make leaflets and brochures and how they get in touch with the press and people from overseas.

Tomorrow I am finishing my Arts Award and finally saying goodbye to all of the lovely staff members at The Point. This is what I’ve done so far and I’m glad to have taken my first week of my work placement at The Point.

- Kitiya McMillan