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After almost six months of creativity, friendships and challenges, the 2019 Point Training Scheme has come to an end. This year has seen a group of highly talented young dancers develop and grow, allowing them to experiment with new ways of moving and push their creative boundaries. Not only have this year’s participants improved their dancing skills, but it has also been fascinating to watch them grow as young people, gaining confidence along the way.

I was blown away by the cohort’s Hothouse performance. Having only created and learnt their performance piece in one intensive weekend, each and every dancer appeared confident and polished. Backstage, there was a real buzz of achievement and satisfaction from all of the dancers – clearly they were delighted with their performance too.

So, what did the participants themselves think of the scheme? For many of them, it was their first encounter with either contemporary or ballet, resulting in many of them discovering a new favourite dance style. Some of the participants enjoyed the scheme so much that they are already excited about auditioning for next year’s Point Training Scheme. Amber, who has been a participant on The Point Training Scheme for two years, said "It was a really fun experience, I felt that I improved as a dancer both in my technique and expression".

A huge thank you goes towards Carrie and Fiona (the tutors on the scheme) and the team at The Point – without them, this highly inspirational scheme simply would not be possible. I would also like to wish every member of 2019’s Point Training Scheme cohort good luck for the future – you all deserve every success.

- Mia Lyndon


Auditions for next year's Point Training Scheme will take place this December. For more information visit The Point Training Scheme page