Barre Fusion


12:15pm - 1.00pm

Barre fusion is the new 'conditioning' mind and body class. It blends techniques and disciplines from both the ballet world as well as from yoga and pilates which are set to current and uplifting music to help you tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles from head to toe.

The course is suitable for all levels and you do not need to have experience in dance or ballet. It is an entire body workout which focuses throughout on engaging core muscles and improving posture for that long and lean physique. 

A typical class will include spending time at a barre or chair for support in our standing sequences as well as mat based conditioning exercises, followed by a final stretch. A variety of small equipment may also be used such as free hand weights, balls and bands to help lengthen and tone.

Price: £30 per course. Please note these classes are run as a course so booking is required. Please contact Leanne (details below).

Spring 2019
14th January to 11th February 


For more information or to book a taster please contact Leanne on or call 07507 890 019.  

Please note that this is a hire of The Point's Dance Studio