Steady and Strong Dance

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Price: £5

Age: 65 years+

Day: Wednesdays

Steady and Strong Dance classes blend exercises proven to improve strength and balance with choreographed movements to create a fun and enjoyable class which you can adapt to your own pace.

The classes will support people aged over 65 to regain and maintain their strength and balance, which are vital for avoiding falls and living life independently.

The Steady and Strong Dance instructors are all experienced in teaching movement classes to older people. They incorporate specific exercises that can help prevent falls and improve strength and balance, combining this with the creativity and energy of dance to create Steady and Strong Dance.

No prior dance or exercise experience is necessary. Movements will be done both seated and standing, with chair support for those who require it. 

Suitable for people aged 65 plus.

Class Participants' Feedback...

"I wanted to say how beneficial I have found the class, especially helping withthe stretching and balance. Ella has been a very good instructor and I really hope these classes are able to continue."

"Ella's class to music has finally got me exercising at home too. My posture has also improved, according to my friends and I look forward to taking a short walk most days."

 "I think the steady and strong class has been beneficial to me. My main problem is balance and I feel it has helped. Ella is very good and understanding and I will be coming again in September."


Autumn Series 2019

18th September - 23rd October
6th November - 11th December


 For more information and to book please call Ella Frampton on: 07933 194 920