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What's On
'A Starry Night in Southampton with Chris Packham' by Team Beswick & Pye, 300dpi


Friday 15 September - Monday 08 January

Curated by Sarah Jeffries in the Watch this Space Gallery, free for all.

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Anything Funny web

"Anything Funny?"

Wednesday 20 September - Wednesday 15 November

Laughs, giggles, chortles… all of the above and other bodily noises acceptable at Eastleigh’s Number 1 (alright ‘only’) Comedy Open Mic Night.

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Accessible Cinema This Winter

Tuesday 26 September - Tuesday 07 November

This autumn we are delighted to present three special musical cinema screenings designed for people with Dementia, learning or physical difficulties and their families and...

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Board Game Cafe

Board Game Café - Autumn 2017

Tuesday 17 October - Tuesday 05 December

The Point's monthly Board Game Café is a fantastic evening of eating, drinking, gaming and revelry.

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Education, Education, Education

Wednesday 18 October

It’s May 1997. Tony Blair has won the election and Katrina and the Waves have won Eurovision. Channel 5 is a month old. No one knows who Harry Potter is. Britain is the...

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Comedy Lab_winter17

Comedy Lab

Wednesday 18 October - Wednesday 13 December

The Comedy Lab is a collaborative and supportive network of writers and performers meeting regularly to work on ideas and material.

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Jim Chorley (2)

Foyer Sessions: Jim Chorley

Thursday 19 October

Jim Chorley has lived what he writes and experienced what he sings...

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Foyer Sessions

The Foyer Sessions

Thursday 19 October - Friday 10 November

Join us for a series of intimate acoustic performances from the region’s finest musical talent.

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Fagin's Twist

Friday 20 October - Saturday 21 October

See Dickens’ Oliver Twist in a new light as Tony Adigun’s Avant Garde Dance flips your expectations of familiar characters with their unmatched contemporary hip hop style.

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Careers Day for web

Careers Day

Friday 20 October

The Point’s annual Careers Day offers an excellent opportunity to receive hands-on practical advice about starting out in the performing arts industry.

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Saturday 21 October

What happens when a disguise becomes so real that you have to fight for who you really are?

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Drag King workshop

Build Your Own Drag King Workshop

Saturday 21 October

Ever wanted to try your hand at becoming a drag king? 

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