Up, Up and Away

Highly Sprung

Jo is misunderstood… by nearly everyone, friends (if he had any), teachers, even mum and dad…

Everyone keeps telling Jo that he is just… ‘different’… that he doesn’t fit in. So, when a mysterious red balloon floats by, Jo is given the chance to fly away into the sky above and he doesn’t think twice about going.

Once in the clouds, Jo meets a host of colourful, strange and intriguing characters, who are the most ‘different’ kind of people he’s ever met. Together they embark on a cloud hopping, star jumping, stratospheric adventure and teach Jo that sometimes being ‘different’ is the best thing in the world.

Like so many children with special educational needs, Jo struggles to find a place for himself in everyday life. Exploring communication, social interaction and feelings of isolation, Up, Up and Away is a story for all children who perceive the world though their own frame.

“Leaving every child feeling treasured and with a beautiful moral to the story, it will awaken the magic in everyone” ★★★★★  The Reviews Hub

Suitable for ages 5-11

Dates and Times

Saturday 02 November 11:00am Book Tickets