Classical Iranian Music
Classical Iranian Music

Nava Arts UK

A concert of classical Iranian music.

A window overlooking the Iranian, Mediteranian-Eastern Arab and Ottoman music heritage.

The concert The musical heritage spread from North Africa to Central Asia generally referred to as “maqam”, while embedded in different musical forms, carries a common message of peace, trust and reconciliation amongst all people regardless of any border or religious divide. It is this hidden message that seems to be able to mysteriously join the apparently different cultures in a vast region.

Referring to the same historical roots as well as musical materials that are or can be shared, this concert will in part display the interdependencies of the music of an entire region seamlessly crossing borders and boundaries of Iran, the Arab world, Turkey, and Central Asia.

It will also display the intricate stylistic characteristics of classical Iranian Music, preserved throughout the time mostly by aural means. Structured instantaneous creativity, generally referred to as improvisation is one of the key features of this music. Keeping in time with the present while faithfully remaining rooted in the past is possibly a key to its survival.

A concert dedicated to peace, celebrating our common cultural heritage.