The Point and Gobbledegook Theatre

Associate Artist Lorna Rees returns to host Slideshow and has invited the below special guests to share their short slideshows. Using the Japanese Pecha Kucha method each guest has just 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to tell their story. 

Expect an evening of exotic adventures, surprising passions and holiday snaps!

Programme for the evening:

Lorna Rees
Lorna Rees, Artistic Director of Gobbledegook and Associate Artist at The Point, will begin the evening by sharing tales about her recent trip with her Dad. It was the holiday of a lifetime after all. She wants to tell you the story of their adventure, driving the Route 66, cloud-gazing across America...

Sandie Elkins – MD Funky Little Choir
Sandie has been the MD of Funky Little Choir for 10 years and creates many of the choirs arrangements. The Choir perform at Camp Bestival annually and have become well known for their pop up' styled performances, recently performing on BBC2's Gareth Malone's The Choir.

Graham Hopper
About 12 years ago, cycling home from work, Graham passed a skip outside a house that appeared to be in the process of being demolished. Curious as ever he looked inside, stumbling upon, to his delight a box of old photographic slides. Haunting images of children's birthday parties, expansive landscapes from Eastern Europe...each with its own story...

Suna Imre - 'Moving into Materiality'
From dance improvisation to ceramic explorations, Suna charts how her arts practice is evolving into all things clay. Her 20 slides will investigate this shift and how Zen plays a starring role.

Matt Fletcher & Becky Morton - 'A Show That Hasn’t Been Made Yet'
Matt Fletcher carries around in his head lots of shows that haven’t been made yet. This is about one of them. It hasn’t been made yet. Perhaps it never will be. Or perhaps this is it.

Lizzie Sykes - 'Allusion'
Allusion is a unique filmic sculpture.  It’s a site specific dancefilm that is beamed onto a curved glass sculpture. The themes of the film are extended into the surface of the sculpture, which was made in response to the film.  The enamelled glass surface captures the image, so the dance is visible from both sides. 

Dates and Times

Tuesday 14 March 7:30pm Book Tickets