KAYA explores human experiences of displacement, drawing on the strength and resilience of those searching for belonging in a new community.

In the early 1900’s, forced migration of Anatolian Greeks left the Turkish village Kayaköy as a ghost town. One hundred years later, Turkey is at the epicentre of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, holding over 3.2 million Syrian refugees. Tanc was compelled to make a work that will provoke audiences to reflect on the global scale of displacement, by drawing on the experiences and stories within their own communities.

“...so excellent that they surpass any contemporary dance performance I have seen” David Weedall, Fringe Review

“There’s no mistaking the humanism and idealism contained within Ceyda Tanc’s muscular choreography. This is bold, driving dance...” BN1 Magazine

“If you appreciate contemporary dance, or even if you think don’t, be prepared for something captivating and unusually refreshing." Fringe Review