Within Us All
Within All of Us (1)

Can anyone be a hero?

What makes us heroic?

What if we’re not the hero others believe us to be…?

A friend lost, a rescue in progress, the hopes of a young boy on the line. A life affirming show with a big heart that promises to leave you optimistic, inspired and ready to discover the hero Within Us All.


Welcome to the Dancewise Oscars!  

Your chance to celebrate everything the incredible Dancewise students have achieved, to love on them and for us all to come together as one Dancewise Family, to toe the 2018/19 season up with a beautiful bow.

Sunday 7th July at 11am
Tickets: £5



Kindly note that this show is presented and promoted by an external hirer of our facilities. The Point and The Berry Theatre therefore cannot accept responsibility for the content or production values of the performance.

Dates and Times

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Sunday 07 July 7:00pm Book Tickets