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Women Leaders South West
Empowering Women of all Backgrounds to be Leaders in the Arts
Training programme June 2020 to December 2021 
Living Allowance / Training Bursary: £12,000 

The Women Leaders South West project is run by a group of eight arts organisations and one business school. The project also involves the WOW Foundation, which is a global movement to celebrate women and girls and take a frank look at the obstacles they face. An Arts Council England Transforming Leadership grant is funding the project.

We have been monitoring the situation regarding Covid19 and its potential impact on the Women Leaders South West programme. We want this programme to have maximum impact and to be ambitious and have therefore decided to postpone recruitment until the end of 2020. We hope this will give people time to focus on getting through this current crisis and enable them to come to the programme fresh in early 2021 with energy and ideas, in what may well be a changed cultural landscape. It goes without saying that we are all hugely disappointed not to keep the momentum going – but we will return!

What next?
We will release a new Call Out with a revised timeline towards the end of 2020. There will also be a series of Open Days and Information Sessions where we can meet each other and offer support with your application.

In the meantime, if you have any queries at all you can contact

Updates will be posted on each partner's website, as well as the Women Leaders South West Facebook page

What if I have already applied?

Some people have already applied - thank you! You can either:

1) request that we keep your application on file, and we will stay in touch with you about the new timeline.

2) withdraw your application and re-apply once the project resumes.

Please contact with your preference or with any queries.

What if I have online information sessions booked with the partner organisations?
These online or telephone sessions planned for 31st March and 7th April will still go ahead. They will still be useful as the programme content is very unlikely to change. It is also important that we meet you and hear your thoughts to help us plan and develop the programme.

Thanks for your interest in the programme and we look forward to meeting you later in the year.