Watch this Space Gallery

Bringing the walls of the Atrium and to life, and sparking coffee conversations by the Café, The Point’s Watch this Space Gallery hosts a variety of intriguing exhibitions, including photography, digital art, paintings, and sound installations.

The exhibitions are free so pop in have a coffee and take a walk around our foyer and beautiful atrium space.

Autumn/Winter Exhibtions 2017:

September/October: Connect/Disconnect

Curated by Sarah Jeffries

With the political world rapidly changing around us, how do we, as a connected society, deal with relentless negative news?  Is digesting all the uncertainty and harshness good for us or should we disconnect?  Eight artists explore ideas of visual psychological space in relation to our modern way of living.

Artists: Corinna Spencer, Cathy Lomax, David Hancock, Gareth Kemp, Mike Bartlett, Sarah Jeffries and Team Beswick & Pye.

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