Gradlab Mapped Theatre 3

GradLab 2018 is an exciting paid opportunity that assists dance graduates from the south regions in career planning and artistic development.

The selected choreographers for Grad-Lab 2018 are Rambert graduate Solomon Berrio-Allen, Natalie Bell from the University of Exeter and Tasarla Watson from the University of Chichester. The choreographers will make works on eight graduate dancers and present these at different sharing platforms later in the year.

GradLab aids the development of graduate artists; aiming to support the next generation of dancing talent. The initiative aims to equip all graduates on the project with a much deeper understanding of the pathways to a successful artistic career within the dance sector.

The 2017-2018 GradLab project commissioned 3 new works from 3 graduate choreographers, 7 graduate dancers, 1 graduate dance administrator and 1 new work from a supported graduate company

As part of the project, the participants are offered a range of workshops in marketing, freelancing, employability, costume and company set up. They also receive studio space to develop their own work, choreographic mentorship, experience of professional performance and developing relations between a company and a venue when their work tours to a number of different arts spaces, and practice in delivering workshops in a range of school and education settings.

2017-2018 Commissioned Work:

Mapped Dance Theatre

Title: Same Sheet, Different Day.

A white wedding, the perfect family portrait, performing with our feather boa at a Burlesque cabaret, and an extravagant Broadway debut, are all things that we dream of doing. In reality, we are folding, rinsing, whipping and throwing bed sheets. Presented in rhythmic and regimented patterns, the sheets perform as a metaphor, allowing us to escape the mundane and perform our dreams. As they are in life, dreams are short lived. It’s not long before we are whipped back into the sheet reality. Unfortunately for us, the cycle continues tomorrow. More dirty sheets to clean. After all, it is just the same sheet, but a different day.
Dancers: Daisy Winstanley, Lauren Ford, Lydia Clark
Choreographer: Matt Phillips

Title: #nofilter

Relevant and comedic, #nofilter, explores millennial life. The work features the SIMS, boomerangs and various online platforms- transferring our performative online personas onto the performative stage setting. The work makes us laugh, think and ultimately question established elements of millennial life.
Dancers- Amy Morvell,  Eva Escrich Gonzalez, Ella Fleetwood, Julia Jordan,
Choreographer: Ella Fleetwood

EvokeMotion Dance Theatre
Title: At One

This work explores human relationships and what it is to be a two. Exploring how two people can love play and have conflict. Concentrating on the autopilot relationship, where you operate around each other physically, layered with the mundane conversation of everyday life. Exposing the struggle of finding and keeping a real and authentic relationship.
Dancers- Hannah Robinson, Karl Green
Choreographer: Hannah Robinson

2017-2018 Supported Company:

GoldHill Dance Company
Title: Hand Towards

Hand Towards is a duet exploring how we approach comfort zones. Movement depicts the choices we make and the control we have as individuals, versus and unpredictable nature of our environment. The creation period involved the use of bubbles and balloons to physicalise the cautious approach we have to step out of our comfort zones.  From this has left us with a changing dynamic throughout.
The stage will have low lighting yet bodies will be highlighted as the two dancers connect in the space.
Choreography & Dancers: Emma Hill & Kiri Golding


Header Photo of Mapped Theatre by Nick Dare