Gradlab Mapped Theatre 3

GradLab 2019-20 is a paid opportunity that assists dance graduates from the south regions in career planning and artistic development, supporting the next generation of dancing talent. This scheme aims to equip all graduates on the project with a much deeper understanding of the pathways to a successful career within the dance sector. As part of the project, the participants are offered a range of workshops in marketing, freelancing, employability & company set up. They also receive studio space to develop their own work, choreographic mentorship, experience of professional performance and opportunity to develop relationships with venues when their work tours to a number of different arts spaces.

Harry Parr, “Peak”
This work explores my language of movement which is influenced from my background in hip-hop and contemporary dance. I’ve focused on connecting rhythm in the torso with a more expansive use of space. This work is a continuation of research into my idiosyncratic vocabulary. Peak is an abstract work which looks to use this language to connect the space, the dancers and the audience with a rousing energy in a shared experience of flow- capturing a very visceral feeling which is hard to capture in words but is richly palpable in the space.

Choreographer: Harry Parr
Dancers:  Adélie Lavail, Corrie McKenzie, Harry Parr
Photography: Dougie Evans
Videography: Jake Seymour, Anchor Productions
Costumes: Sonia Odedra, Maggie Campbell
Music:  Ut - Marcos Balter, Nadia Sirota
Etude 1 – Nico Muhly, Nadia Sirota.
Anjos – Julianna Barwick
Sound: Calum Lintott

With special thanks to the team at Gradlab, The Point, Abi Mortimer, Jason Mabana, Ryan Archer, Amy Turner & The Linbury Trust.


SBB DANCE, “14.06.17”
This debut work explores the stories surrounding the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower. It focuses on the stories of the survivors as well as questioning the efforts of the government on aiding those affected.

Company: SBB DANCE
Choreographer: Shaquille Brathwaite-Blaggrove
Dancers: Ashleigh Kinchin, Beth Veitch, Tyler Jones-Holbon, Sasha Vallis
Photography: Dougie Evans
Music: Bing & Ruth – Dorsal
Into Warner Air - Hildur Guðnadóttir
Untitled – Stormzy

With thanks to Hayley Barker, KJ Mortimer, Vicki Hargreaves, Abi Mortimer, The Point, University of Chichester, University of Winchester.

The project is generously supported by; The Linbury Trust, Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire County Council, The Place, University of Chichester, South East Dance (SED, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, University of Winchester and MÓTUS