My Work Experience Blog - Abby Cumber
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So far I have had an amazing time at The Point! My work experience placement was from the 4th until the 15th of September. During my experience I have been experiencing an amazing look at all the different departments in theatre and all the important jobs that they do. Looking at the whole theatre there are many different departments like management, directing, creators and a whole lot more that I didn’t realise were so important into keeping a theatre popular and running!

When I arrived I was greeted by Lorraine, Lewis and Holly (who were my main supervisors for my time here) with Erica who luckily is my friend and I am glad that we worked together for the week she was here. Holly sat down with us and spoke about what our week would consist of and the different departments and people we’ll meet. On our first day Holly gave us a sheet with 4 tasks for us to complete together which were centred on The Gingerbread Man (a play the youth theatre were holding). This was lots of fun as it required a creative mind which I definitely have so this task was easy-breezy :)

My work experience has mostly been consisted of working on my Bronze Arts Award which is a qualification from Trinity College London that recognises young people’s involvement in the arts; this is a very fun project to do because so far it has been typing about drama, my previous art experiences and designing a lot too. There are 4 parts to this: Part A (exploring the arts as a participant), Part B (exploring the arts as an audience member), Part C (writing about an inspirational hero) and Part D (passing on arts skills to others). So the main focus is my participation at The Point i.e my work experience. It involves watching a show, which for me was an educational movie which The Point created a few years ago and writing a review about it. The 3rd thing is to research an inspirational hero and I chose James Corden, an actor, singer, producer and host of the Late Late Show who I have loved ever since I first got into performing. Finally I needed to share my skills with others and for this; Erica and I led a warm up game with Lewis for the Point Youth Theatre and needed to get feedback as well.

On my second day I worked with Lorraine in the box office and she taught me all about how to take calls, make sure the customer knows what show they want and at what venue just in case they are new to that particular venue. She also told me about how to promote upcoming shows and also how to ask about donations. Lorraine was lots of fun to work with and I now know that working in the box office is actually a lot harder than I thought. She works for The Point and The Berry so she has to separate each ticket sale and make sure that she correctly gives each customer the ticket that they want.

My favourite day was probably on Thursday 7th September where I started off working with Holly, continuing my actor’s log which was very relaxing as it was just me, Holly Lewis and Dan in our chairs typing away. I was just working on my arts award adding in anything I’d missed or could improve on. Then after lunch I started working with the marketing team. Firstly Jenny asked me if I was better at writing or designing and I chose designing because I’m very creative and artistic. The task was to design a new poster for a play showing at either The Point or The Berry Theatre; I chose “The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” showing at the Berry Theatre. This was very fun because I got to be truly creative and just draw a poster which is what I normally enjoy anyways, also promoting shows is very important to keep the reputation of the theatre up. Then in the evening, Erica and I got to work with Lewis and Aiden with PYT Juniors and join in with their activities which were very fun and silly. Getting involved with the kids was a lot of fun because they are very sweet and I think it is good to teach children about the arts at such a young age.

I only have tomorrow and the day after to complete everything until I am finished and must leave the theatre. Throughout my work experience I have worked with the marketing team, drama/dance development, box office, youth theatre group and I have enjoyed every single one. I never realised how important each area is and what they do to contribute to making The Point a fun, creative venue. Overall my work experience has been amazing because now I know so much more about how theatres are run that I didn’t know about before; I can definitely use the skills I have learnt if I want a job in a theatre in the future. I would definitely recommend doing work experience or even just a weekend job at The Point because the atmosphere is so friendly and everyone is there to answer questions and take you through things if you aren’t sure.

By Abby Cumber