Looking after your health and wellbeing in 2018: the benefits of meditation and yoga

In a world of social media stresses, busy careers, and a long list of things to do and people to see, it’s perhaps more important than ever to take a moment to realign. The benefits of introducing daily exercise into our lives is reinforced now more than ever as we take a step back to look at the bigger picture.

The Point’s Health and Wellbeing Day is created to inspire us to cultivate a more balanced life through regular movement and meditation. The day invites us to take vital time to tend to ourselves, in a way that is both relaxing and energising.

Although we know it’s good for us, taking time for ourselves can feel like a challenge too, so here are a few benefits of taking ‘you time’ through meditation and yoga.

  • Yoga is fantastic for balance both physically and metaphorically. Often, issues we’re facing off of the mat come to light on it, allowing us to tend to areas of our life that aren’t currently serving. With a new year we’re inviting you to throw out the stuff that isn’t working and focus on that which is.
  • Meditation is often deemed ‘difficult’, and while enlightenment isn’t guaranteed on day one, taking a short break from our busy brains to focus on the breathe is a light relief. Breathing in a purposeful way changes the chemical makeup of our bodies, allowing our energy to shift positively.
  • The physical benefits of yoga are plenty, including an increase to general muscle strength, the respiratory system and cardio health. Regular practice also supports the body in maintaining a balanced metabolism and protects the muscles from injury.
  • Taking the time to meditate, or in simple terms breathe with purpose and empty the mind, has positive effects on the mind in everyday life. Regular meditation improves our concentration and reduces stress – and who doesn’t want that?

The Point’s Health and Wellbeing Day is suitable for everyone aged 16+ and you don’t need any previous experience with yoga or meditation, just an open mind! The day will also offer insight into Feldenkrais, and the venue’s resident chef will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, sharing all of his tips on healthy eating.

Tickets are £18 for a full day, £12 for a half day, or £7 for one session. Book here or call the Box Office on 023 8065 2333.