Mia's Point Training Scheme Blog - Creative Intensive Weekend
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The Point Training Scheme’s 2019 Creative Intensive weekend has officially come to an end, and what an inspiring time we’ve all had. We’ve created a whole dance piece, analysed every part of our own choreography and built even stronger friendships along the way – and there’s no doubt that we’ll be aching tomorrow.

Spread across two consecutive days and with a time cap of only 12 hours, the Creative Intensive weekend is all about choreographing an entire show piece for Hothouse – one of The Point’s most exciting summer dance platforms. The weekend is the scheme’s one and only chance to create and rehearse the work before it is shown on the Hothouse show day – meaning that there is a large focus on professionalism and commitment. Working intensively with Carrie, the scheme’s contemporary tutor, participants have an important role in creating the dance material, problem solving and remaining engaged and professional. 

Leading up to this weekend, the scheme has been working on an exciting phrase of choreography created by Carrie, exclusively for the Hothouse show. This has been used to spark the participants’ own creativity - they have created some wonderful duets, solos and group material. These have now been cleverly fused together by Carrie, to create an effective show dance for Hothouse.

Named ‘Sparks’ the dance is both energetic and vibrant, based upon the idea of a fire cracker. The dancers use every element of their movement vocabulary to swipe, drop and grow within the space – creating interesting contrast for the audience to enjoy. It has been clear to see both the passion and dedication from the dancers, who really have developed their contemporary skills since January (when the scheme began).

The show piece is now completed and polished – meaning that the 2019 Creative Intensive weekend has been a massive success! 

- Mia Lyndon