My Work Experience Blog - Georgia Brenchley

I have really enjoyed my work experience placement at The Point; it has been an amazing experience which has given me loads of experience in an office environment.

On the first day I met Holly and she showed me around the theatre and all the different rooms; it was so nice to see the other rooms I don’t usually see when I do my Point Youth Theatre workshops. I especially enjoyed going into the tech room as I have never had the opportunity to go into there.

After my tour of the theatre I went and wrote about what I wanted to learn from my work experience and what I wanted to get out of my experience. After that I got to plan my own workshop for the Point Youth Theatre’s years 4-5 group which was really interesting and I am excited to put my planning into action in a couple of weeks’ time. In the afternoon I watched the Point Youth Theatre’s own educational film ERROR 404 and wrote my own review of it and then put it up on the staff notice board for the staff to read.


On the second day, which was my last day, I got the opportunity to plan my own musical theatre show, this was really good fun as I got to design the costumes and set design as well as the story line and famous people I would like in it. In the afternoon I got the opportunity to go work in the marketing office and help them with their social media accounts and design a poster from the film festival brochure. I really enjoyed working with the marketing team because it was very interesting to hear about what their role entails and how they manage all of their campaigns.

I have really enjoyed doing my work experience here and it has been a great experience for me to see what happens behind the scenes of a working theatre as I am normally on the other side of it performing at the theatre.

- By Georgia Brenchley