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Ella work experience blog
Day 1:

Today I arrived at 10:00am and was taken inside The Point and given a safety briefing and induction to my following work experience week at The Point. I was made to feel very welcome and the staff were very kind and friendly. I was then introduced to all of the departments and taken into the drama department where I would be working for the week. I met my team and started my work on the Bronze Arts Award, starting with research on a person on the arts that inspires me. I chose Meryl Streep and enjoyed finding out about her life and achievements and how she got into her job. I found it very inspirational. I then had a 1-hour lunch break before getting back to work. I then moved to a different department which was programming. I had to choose what shows and films to put into the theatre and film screenings based on age group and time of the year. I found out loads of tips for programming and loved watching all the trailers and designing my own theatre programme!

Day 2:

I again arrived at 10:00am and got taken through, signed in and worked on more arts award parts, today working on my arts skill and how and when I should present it. I chose to present my skill of playing the flute, but choices are endless. I did this up until 12:00 when all staff had a meeting and talked about everything the staff had been doing for the past week and what they were doing for the week to come. I then had an hour lunch break and then after lunch started on a task to pitch and design my very own musical. It was fun to test my creativity and see what I could come up with. Also being interested in design myself, it was fun to explore design in theatre. After this I then started some work on another part of the Arts Award about being an arts audience member.

Day 3:

I started by developing my musical idea and adding some more details and carrying on the new Part B of the arts award. Part B of the arts award was to experience the arts as an audience member, so I wrote all about my recent trip to London to watch Waitress. I did all my work on Part B, which was to write all about my experience watching Waitress and any feedback I had on it. I put together my folder and then had a lunch break. After Lunch, I completed my Part D of the arts award, which was to pass on my art skill to others. I showed the staff how to play the flute, put it together, fingers all the middle octave notes, all about how to read music, time signatures and how to stay in time, other music knowledge and terms and more. The staff then gave me feedback and I wrote it up and wrote feedback for myself to finish that part of the award.

Day 4:

Today I just worked on some bits and bobs for my arts award and neatened up my folder and added some new bits in. I also created my own set and costume for my musical I made up, which was fun to experiment with. I then had a lunch break and then after lunch worked with marketing. In marketing, they were showing me how they market their shows, and they used brochures, leaflets that they leave around the Point also in libraries, other theatres, shops etc and they mail them out through people’s doors. They also use email as it is very cheap to send an email, efficient, not wasting paper and you can add links in to take people directly to the website to buy tickets. Another way they advertise/market is through social media by writing about their shows and encouraging people to go watch them. I was involved today in creating some Instagram posts that they could post to advertise the shows. Here is one that I made:

Ella - Secret Pets

That’s how we wake up in the morning! (snooze/z emoji) (cat emoji)

Come watch our screening of Secret Life of Pets 2 in the Eastleigh Film Festival, perfect for the whole family! Find out more from our website, click the link in our bio. #SecretLifeOfPets2

Day 5:

My last day! I have really enjoyed my work experience here at the point and hope to work with them again. Its sad its all finished now, but I will enjoy my last day. Today I finished up some of my work for my arts award, and I wrote up my blogs. After this, I had my lunch break and then started a new task. This was to plan a couple of games I could teach to the youth theatre. I chose ‘freeze’ and ‘late to work’.

After this, Emma, Holly and I went around the building and took some photos and I did an Instagram takeover. Here are a few of the pictures we took:

Ella work experience blog

My Week Summary:

I had a very fun week of Work Experience which opened doors to different career paths I could be interested in that I had not thought about before. I met some very friendly, welcoming staff who made me feel happy and at home and were always very helpful. I would definitely recommend this work experience to another - it was fun, I achieved a bronze arts award which will be great to put on my CV as well as lots of opportunities to get involved with theatre and The Point and learnt loads about the different departments at The Point. The Point have offered me lots of experience, and I would love to work with them again in the future as they are very professional and kind.