We are now open for pre-bookable tables for work meetings and as a social place to meet within Government guidelines

We’ve been busy making sure it’s safe for you to come back. You can find everything you need to know about the changes we’ve made to help you have a safe and social experience visiting us on our Hang Out page.

Our opening hours will be:

Monday to Friday
10am - 2pm

Performance information


Wednesday 30th September 10:30am
Wednesday 30th September 11:00am
Wednesday 30th September 11:30am
Wednesday 30th September 12:00pm
Wednesday 30th September 12:30pm
Wednesday 30th September 1:00pm
Wednesday 30th September 1:30pm
Thursday 1st October 10:30am
Thursday 1st October 11:00am
Thursday 1st October 11:30am
Thursday 1st October 12:00pm
Thursday 1st October 12:30pm
Thursday 1st October 1:00pm
Thursday 1st October 1:30pm
Friday 2nd October 10:30am
Friday 2nd October 11:00am
Friday 2nd October 11:30am
Friday 2nd October 12:00pm
Friday 2nd October 12:30pm
Friday 2nd October 1:00pm
Friday 2nd October 1:30pm
Location: The Point Cafe Bar


1 Person Table: Free
2 Person Table: Free
3 Person Table: Free
4 Person Table: Free
5 Person Table: Free
6 Person Table: Free

Suitable for