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Weekly summer sessions for 11-16 year olds

A weekly hang out for 11 – 16 year olds in our outdoor social space at The Point.

Each week we’ll offer a fresh mix of food, entertainment and projects, bringing you a summer of smoothies, scavenger competitions, upcycling and much much more.

Please note: you do not need to bring any equipment for these activities but we would recommend a bottle of water and waterproof clothing just in case!

The Social line-up:

Friday 30th July: Nerf Event. Design and make your battle field and armour. Celebrate your victory with make-your-own smoothies, made with a twist

Friday 6th August: Survival Skills. Work with a survival specialist to learn some vital skills including how to construct a den

Friday 13th August: Scavenger Hunt. Compete in this scavenger hunt around Leigh Park, take part in ridiculous challenges and enjoy fruit kebabs as your reward

Friday 20th August: Crafting, Upcycling & Filming: Learn to make face paints with natural dyes found in food; upcycle clothing for costume design; and choregraph and film your own dance video

Friday 27th August: Urban Art. Turn your hand to urban art painting and end the afternoon with a series of mini competitions

The Social is part of Eastleigh Borough Council Connect4Communities Summer Activity Days.

Let Marcus Rashford tell you more...

The Connect4Communities project is funded by the Department for Education through Hampshire County Council.

Event information


Friday 30th July 1:00pm
Friday 6th August 1:00pm
Friday 13th August 1:00pm
Friday 20th August 1:00pm
Friday 27th August 1:00pm
Location: The Point


4 hours


Book Your Place: £5
Free School Meals Eligible: £0

Suitable for

11 - 16 years