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Watercolour Wellbeing explores free flowing painting techniques and breathing meditations to nurture your creativity and inspire calm.We take inspiration from seasonal botanicals, using pastel and watercolour to express our artistry. Settle into serenity as we celebrate Summer and the beautiful peony flower.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Watercolours and alternative art tools
  • Mindfulness
  • Moving your body, understanding how warming up before you paint can be beneficial to your artwork (gentle movement)
  • Meditation that encourages us to connect to our creativity and quieten our 'inner critic'
  • Breathing techniques that will help you relax and declutter your mind
  • Letting go of perfection and trusting the process
  • Our intentions, setting out to create rather then focusing on the end result
  • Making mistakes, allowing for those ‘beautiful opps’ moments to come through

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Think your art would benefit from some guidance
  • Are in search of fresh inspiration and finding more flow
  • Would like to learn/explore how to use watercolours
  • Believe there isn't a creative bone in your body, I believe there is!
  • Would like to let go of thoughts of self judgment
  • Want to create time to nourish your physical and mental wellbeing

All levels of creative and yoga experience are welcome. Whether you are a practicing artist seeking fresh inspiration and flow or are curious to tap into the abundance of creativity that already resides within you. We are ALL creative. This is a chair yoga session, all movement will have the support of a chair and painting will take place up at a table. Please dress for mess and movement.

This workshop is brought to you in partnership with The Sorting Office

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Saturday 23rd July 11:30am
Location: The Point


2 hours


Book Your Place: £37.00

Suitable for

18 years +