Frozen Light’s The Forest stuns audiences at The Point
Frozen Light's The Forest 2

Last week, Monday 9th November, The Point played host to Frozen Light and their enchanting touring show The Forest. The Forest is a multi-sensory tale of self-discovery and love that has been devised for teenagers and adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

Frozen Light, in association with the New Wolsey, Ipswich, originally came together in 2013 to collaborate and offer accessible theatre for all audiences. This, they have achieved. Full of memorable sights, exciting smells and unique sensations The Forest interacts with the audience to directly engage and have them participaFrozen Lightte in the performance. When people see this joyful show they don’t just watch they become part of it in a safe, fun and inclusive way.

The beauty of Frozen Light’s The Forest lie with Amber Onet Gregory, Lucy Garland and Al Watts* who work together to present audiences with a heart-warming and moving show that is simple yet entirely effective. Thea and Robin are lost in their own mundane lives, seeking adventure and a lasting happiness; when they wander into a beautiful forest curated by Ivy, full of magical surprises, they finally find what they were looking for all along.

The Forest is touring to 26 venues meaning people throughout the UK with PMLD will experience this stunning story that sets the senses alive and transports you to another place (in a great way). Utilising various props to place the audience in a dream-like forest, Amber, Lucy and Al invite the audience to join them on stage, as those attending sit closely so they can be involved in the show when they choose.

Those that attended Monday’s performance were blown away by the fantastic response The Forest inspired from its audience. One teacher said: “The performance was just stunning. Well-structured and sensory orientated to respond to our students’ needs, excellent work.” There was also a wave of acclaim on Twitter following the show, with one person declaring The Forest "The most heart-warming performance I have ever seen.”

Frozen Light, through The Forest, bring thunder storms and rain, trees and moons, tasty flavours, exciting experiences and pulsating live music in a way that is unique and exponentially important in involving people with PMLD in the arts.

The Forest is transformative and has been recognised for the unique and positive impact it directly has on its audience. The Point will welcome Frozen Light back in May 2016 when they will be in residence in the Creation Space.

To learn more about Frozen Light and stay up to date with their tour follow them on Twitter @frozentheatre or visit their website

*Owen Hewson was the stand in for Monday’s show