The Point’s Creative Learning team explores Under the Sea
Under the Sea for web

The Point, Eastleigh is dedicated to engaging young people with the arts. One of the venue’s current projects sees its Creative Learning team working with two primary schools in the Borough, encouraging pupils to work together in participatory workshops that spark the imagination and support their learning.

At the end of January The Point’s Drama Development Officer Lucy Fennell, supported by two other members of the Drama Development Team, visited Norwood Primary School for an afternoon of workshop fun. The professional practitioners worked with each year group at the school for half-hour sessions using interactive games fusing acting and play with an ‘Under the Sea’ theme.

The workshops formed part of the school’s music, art, dance and drama unit and was exceptionally well received by the young students. Laughter, smiles and creativity were all seen as the children eagerly waved their hands around to suggest what might happen next on the stage as The Point’s Creative Interns acted out scenarios in character. From a pirate rescuing a mermaid to parachutes being used to create waves, the workshop focused on exploring creativity in a fun and safe environment, immersing the children into the performing arts.

The afternoon acted as a catalyst for breaking down barriers, bringing the children together as a united group, boosting their confidence and encouraging team work.

“We love to work with our local schools and this week we have been at Norwood primary School to help them out with their MADD (music, art, dance and drama) week bringing a range of exciting nautical activities to every year group from reception to Year 6. We looked at the way different sea creatures moved and used improvisation to tell imaginative sea side stories. The children all worked well together to create thoughtful and playful work. We can’t wait so go back to work with Year 5 on our ‘The Legends of Sir Bevis’ project in a few weeks.” - Lucy Fennell, Drama Development Officer

This year the Drama Team are also undertaking an exciting project in the form of stage production The Legends of Sir Bevis, supported by the national Agincourt 600 Commemorative Fund which forms part of a wider programme of work known as Road To Agincourt – commemorating the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. The show at The Berry Theatre will see young children from Freegrounds Primary School and Norwood Primary School work together to bring local playwright Matt Beames’ imagining of the infamous legends of Sir Bevis of Hampton to the stage.