The Point’s Agent for Dance Excellence joins EADF 2017
EADF 2017

The Point is set to host the 8th annual European Aerial Dance Festival this 8th to 19th August in partnership with world-renowned aerial dance company Gravity & Levity. The celebrated arts event will see participants undertake courses in everything from corde lise and trapeze to flexibility training and massage.

The Point has been chosen to host the event for a second year following a successful week in 2016 which saw participants travel from across the world to attend the coveted festival. This year professional dancer and the venue’s Agent for Dance Excellence KJ Mortimer will join EADF as a Yoga Teacher, leading a Morning Class during the two-week festival.

We spoke to KJ about her involvement in the much-anticipated event.

Can you tell us about your involvement in this year’s European Aerial Dance Festival?

I am really excited to be leading the Yoga morning sessions this year for European Aerial Dance Festival. I will be leading a Vinyasa based yoga class to warm and energise the body.

What can participants expect at EADF?

The participants are going to have a jam-packed experience with so many wonderful workshops with fantastic professionals. 

As the Agent for Dance Excellence at The Point, what are you focusing on at the moment?

At the moment within my role as Agent for Dance Excellence I am focusing on a busy summer into autumn. We have so many summer schools that young professionals can take part in…Starting with Dance Lab next week. In the Autumn, a mix of performance opportunities, Development days, and Professional class and Dramaturgy workshops.

How is EADF unique to other arts festivals, and why should people participate?

EADF is super specialist as I don’t know of another festival that hosts such a range of dance and aerial work together! It’s a fantastic way to try new things, meet new people possibly work on skills you already have and simply have a wonderful time!


To find out more about this year’s European Aerial Dance Festival, and book your spot on a course, visit