This week in our Creation Space
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This week James Cousins Company is in residence to further develop new immersive dance piece Closer.

Closer is based on the play by Patrick Marber; a play that questions morality, challenges romantic notions of love and sex and articulates incredibly the politics of modern day relationships. It has been described as a work that ‘gets under its audience’s skin’ confronting them with emotional pain, sexually explicit dialogue and the brutality of truth: a truth that can never save the four characters.

Keep an eye on more updates coming throughout the week.

For more information on the company and for updates on Closer follow the company's social media:

Twitter: @JamesCousinsCo


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James will also led a Professional Development Day on Saturday 18th February at The Point.


The company was set up in 2014 by James and Creative Producer Francesca Moseley, and is the vehicle through which James explores new ideas with his team of internationally renowned dancers and collaborators. Since winning the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award in 2011, James is quickly making his mark on the dance world; recognised by Time Out magazine as one of the future faces of dance and with a string of high profile international commissions already to his name.