Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

Written by Matt Beames

The Point Youth Theatre

The world spins and ever and onward the cycle of seasons turns as the Guardians of the year gather to tell each other stories.  As a new Winter begins it is time to tell another tale…

A kingdom in peril, its people driven to flee their homes as a dark forest covers the land.  The King and Queen are missing, and the only heir to the kingdom is trapped in cursed slumber, never to awaken…

As all seems lost, it will take one with a strong heart, aided by curious but courageous companions, to find their way to the castle at the heart of the forest.  And it will take a selfless, honest act of love to break the curse and free the kingdom once more…

This Christmas The Point Youth Theatre presents Sleeping Beauty:  A magical fantasy adventure performed in the round, blending music, performance and puppetry to tell a story of trolls and fairies, forest and friendships, of dragons and kings.

Suitable for ages 5+

Dates and Times

Tuesday 19 December 7:30pm Book Tickets
Wednesday 20 December 6:00pm Book Tickets
Thursday 21 December 2:00pm Book Tickets
Thursday 21 December 7:30pm Book Tickets
Friday 22 December 1:00pm Book Tickets
Friday 22 December 6:00pm Book Tickets
Saturday 23 December 2:00pm Book Tickets
Saturday 23 December 7:30pm Book Tickets
Sunday 24 December 11:00am Book Tickets