Anna Carr

Anna is a multi-platform Theatre Maker.  Her work weaves surprising and unexpected art forms together to reflect unspoken aspects of who we are.  Her latest collaborative project, ‘Spillage’ explores the relationship between work, stress and play, and was part of Make it SO at NST. 

“A terrifically original play that spirals a simple coffee spillage into a part clown, part poetry, part puppetry stream of consciousness." - Sam Hodges, Director NST 

Her work celebrates and excavates the extraordinary from beneath the ordinary, and draws on devised, verbatim and autobiographical approaches, inspired by The Paper Birds, Bryony Kimmings, and This Egg.  Her next show ‘Kindred’ will be an intimate, personal rummage through the past in search of her grandparents,  that asks us who we’re made of, and what we carry within us. 

"It means a lot to be chosen to be part of the Associate Artist Scheme at The Point, to dive deep into my past to create my first personal solo show, and to have the opportunity to develop my artistic practice in such a supportive and nurturing space, on the doorstep of my home town.  I can’t wait to get started!"

The Point’s Associate Artist and @ HOME Artist programme are funded by Arts Council England 

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