Outbound Project

The Outbound Project are an award-winning theatre company made up of actors, theatre-makers and artists who have come together to tell stories about the human condition through a combination of physical and visual storytelling.

To date, their work has won the Les Enfants Terribles Partnership award in association with Greenwich Theatre, been shortlisted for the Underbelly/New Diorama UNTAPPED award, received mentorship from Third Angel and been supported in various ways by Arts Council England, New Diorama, Third Angel, Greenwich Theatre, Marine Theatre, Zoo-Co and Cornerstone Arts Centre.

"The Outbound Project are absolutely delighted to have become Associate Artists with The Point. This opportunity to build a relationship with such a progressive and exciting venue, whilst developing our artistic voice and engagement work is so exciting. Being involved with a venue which so fervently champions physical and visually theatre means the resources and mentorship we will receive will be invaluable to the companies progression and development over the next year. We can not wait to get started!"


The Point’s Associate Artist and @ HOME Artist programme are funded by Arts Council England 
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