My Work Experience Blog - Carmen Pereda

Carmen's Footloose poster design (above)

During my time so far at my work experience placement at The Point, I’ve had a wonderful time. I was lucky because my friend Jamie is doing her work experience here as well so we’re both familiar with someone. However, the staff here are very nice and friendly and I have learned a lot about the different jobs here.

When I applied for my work experience at The Point, I was asked to come in for an interview. I was a bit nervous because I had never done a job interview before, even if this wasn’t a real job. However it was very relaxed and I was also introduced to the Bronze Arts Award, which I will be completing during my time here.

On my first day (Monday 3rd July) we were given a tour of the building by Holly, and then we had time to work on our Arts Award. After lunch break, I worked in the Film and Programming office with Liz to get to know what the job is about. Programming has many different aspects, but the one we were told about is finding and programming different events to show at both The Berry Theatre and The Point. After a short introduction to the job, we were given the task of finding two movies to show at the theatre for November, from a list of films scheduled for release. We also had to find reviews and trailers to back up our choices. We chose Despicable Me 3 and The Limehouse Golem, which will both be shown in the theatre in the future. I liked working in this department because watching trailers was fun, however I learnt that that wasn’t the only thing the job includes, as we also had to find out the public’s and the critics’ opinion to base our choices on. We learnt that working in performing arts isn't just performing, directing or backstage crew; there are lots of different jobs involved.

On Tuesday morning I was placed in the Box Office with Lorraine. I learnt how sales are run with the computer programme, which lets the person in the Box Office organise all the tickets and all the shows. I learnt how customers can buy tickets both by phone and in person. After the customer says which show they wish to see and when, and we would have to take their phone number and phone number so that in case the show was cancelled they could be contacted.  Although I didn’t answer any phone calls myself, I learnt how the tickets and sales are managed as a few customers came in or phoned to purchase tickets. Some of these tickets I put into envelopes to be posted later on. Working in the Box Office was a very interesting experience as lots of people come in and they all ask for so many different things, so you have to have lots of knowledge about almost everything that’s going on in the theatre. If I could be placed in the Box Office again, I would like to be able to answer a phone call or sell tickets by myself. After that, I continued to work on my Arts Award portfolio.

Today I came in earlier to attend The Point’s Team Briefing, where Jamie and I introduced ourselves as the girls who are doing work experience here. Despite not having a real role in the team, Jamie and I found out how different departments very often rely on each other and work together, but at the same time every individual has a specific job. After that, we went to The Sorting Office with Harry to see all the artwork and be an “audience member” to the artists there. We took pictures to use as evidence for our portfolios, and we got to meet some of the artists who were there.

I spent this morning working on my arts award portfolio and planning what I would be doing later on with the Youth Group to share my skill. I also spent time in Marketing with Jenny and James, where I designed a poster for the movie Footloose and I wrote a blog about my time here so far.

By Carmen Pereda