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So far, my work experience at The Point has been amazing and I’ve spent a total of 2 weeks here. Luckily enough, I spent my first week with my friend from school, Carmen. This was really good because I already knew somebody. The people here were really kind and welcoming and I learnt so much from them.

I was very nervous for my first day at work experience (Monday 3rd of July) but my fear immediately went when I was greeted by Lorraine in the box office as she was super sweet and explained what working at The Point is like. Holly introduced us to the Arts Award that I would be completing while I’m here. I liked the fact that while I’m on work experience, I get to take part in a variety of things to help me get a qualification. It seemed fun and exciting as well as quite easy. After I was familiar with the Bronze Art Award, Holly took us on the tour of the building: it seemed huge! However, once I was here for a while, I found out that it isn’t that big and very easy to get around. My favourite part of the day was spending my time with Liz in Film and Programming. I really enjoyed learning about what programming is and how it’s important. Also, I loved helping her choose what films she should show at the cinema because it meant I could watch loads of film trailers and read film reviews. Carmen and I decided on showing Despicable Me 3 and The Limehouse Golem. In addition, I learnt that Film and Programming has a lot of struggles due to not being able to get films on their release date and programming films and productions that The Point audience would want to see.

On my second day, I helped the dance department. While I was there, I created a poster for a meeting of the dance companies which will be used by The Point. Later in the day, I assisted Lorraine in the box office and learned about how purchasing tickets work and how to sell tickets over the phone. I thought this was very interesting as I didn’t know it was so difficult and how busy it is working in the box office. After this, I continued to work on my Arts Award and did a bit of planning for my work with the Point Youth Theatre group which I would be doing later on next week. What I love about Arts Award is there are many different things I need to do to achieve it. This includes writing about an arts inspiration of my own, which I chose Carlos Acosta, a ballet dancer from Cuba.

The third day of my work experience was very exciting because I got to visit The Sorting Office which was full of different artists. I thought this was very fascinating because I saw many styles of art. I took photos of some of the art to add to my review that I needed to do for my Arts Award. My favourite artist there was Iris Hill because her work was so beautiful and unique; each piece was diverse yet showed similarities, such as her blue theme. It was definitely the highlight of my day! For the rest of the day, I typed up my plan for the Point Youth Theatre group and continued my arts inspiration which by now was almost finished.

I began day 4 in marketing with Jenny. I helped her with filming for the Elevate advertisement. This was great because I got to travel around the theatre more and got to visit areas I hadn’t seen, like the balcony. After this, I designed a poster for Our House, which is currently being shown at The Berry Theatre. Since my art inspiration was almost finished, I decided I would like to complete a second one as this was my favourite part of the Arts Award and I still had plenty of time at The Point.

For my 5th day working at The Point, I mostly worked on my Arts Award. It was also the last day I spent with my friend, Carmen. However, I didn’t mind her leaving because I now knew everyone who works here and they were all very friendly. At 2pm, we were lucky enough to be able to watch Theatre Re’s production of The Nature of Forgetting. This was a lovely show which I really enjoyed. My favourite thing about the show was its use of repetition to show him trying to remember. I thought the show was incredible and would recommend it to anyone who was interested in watching it. This was a great way to end the week and I was very excited to start again on Monday.

On Monday the 10th of July, I was glad to hear that I would also spend the week with another person on work experience: this time with a boy called Oliver. My morning started with the box office. Lorraine went into more detail about how shows work. She taught me how to contact people if their show has been cancelled and how to organise refunds. While I was there, I helped to post some tickets for somebody who switched shows due to a cancel. Later on, I helped to tag bags for the virtual museum. Even though this was a simple job, I really enjoyed it because it was something quite small to do after I had been busy with my Arts Award, even though my arms ached a bit afterward.

My week continued on Wednesday (which is today) due to me being ill on Tuesday. In the morning, I began printing out my Arts Award so it’s ready for Friday, my last day. After lunch, I learnt how to make an advertisement video in marketing. In addition, I was taught how to make a blog and post it, which I have done to this. I think creating a blog is really fun because it’s a chance to look back on what you have done and share your experiences with others.

I’m looking forward to working with The Point for the next couples of days and will be very sad when I finally leave on my last day as I have made many friendships while here and it was very interesting as well as amusing. I loved learning about the various jobs here at The Point as I didn’t know there was so many. It has been a great experience and would recommend it to anyone!

By Jamie-Louise Bihet