Autumn 17
Autumn 17
Anything Funny web

"Anything Funny?"

Wednesday 20 September - Wednesday 15 November

Laughs, giggles, chortles… all of the above and other bodily noises acceptable at Eastleigh’s Number 1 (alright ‘only’) Comedy Open Mic Night.

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Comedy Lab_winter17

Comedy Lab

Wednesday 18 October - Wednesday 13 December

The Comedy Lab is a collaborative and supportive network of writers and performers meeting regularly to work on ideas and material.

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Jason Manford - Work in Progress

Friday 03 November

Jason Manford is back with a work in progress show ahead of his national tour in 2018, which promises to feature a wealth of comedy anecdotes.

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Mark Thomas: A Show that Gambles on the Future

Tuesday 07 November

Few predicted the events of 2016. And even fewer seem to know where we are going. Mark Thomas sets out to discover what the future has in store for us...

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Omid Djalili: Schmuck For a Night

Schmuck For a Night: Omid Djalili

Saturday 02 December

Award-winning comedian and actor Omid Djalili known for his legendary stand-up performances, is back on a nationwide tour!

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