Accessible Cinema: Mary Poppins Returns

We are delighted to present cinema screenings designed for people with Dementia, learning or physical difficulties and their families and carers.Screenings are open to everyone. Our trained staff will be on hand with a warm welcome. We screen the films with the lights up a little and the sound down a touch in our beautiful auditorium. Sing along if you wish, or get up and dance, there are no rules!

Mary Poppins has a habit of turning up when she’s least expected – and when she’s needed the most.

And that’s exactly what happens on a particularly stormy day in 1930s London.

Jane Banks (Emily Mortimer) and her brother Michael (Ben Whishaw) are all grown up. But times are hard in Depression-era Britain, and, Jane, Michael, and Michael’s three children are heavy with sadness, reeling from the recent death of the children’s mother. To make matters worse, Michael is struggling to pay the bills and is at risk of losing their home.

Which is why they’re so glad when, at the very house where it all began on Cherry Tree Lane, Michael and Jane’s former nanny returns.

Mary Poppins has her work cut out for her. Michael is preoccupied with mountain of financial troubles he’s facing, and his three children are missing the spark that went out as soon as their mother died. 

Together with the help of her friend Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) the street lamplighter, Mary sets about to do what she does best – putting things right in a strange, whimsical, and magical way.

But will she be able to convince Michael that there’s still happiness to be found, and help him see the colour in the world again?

Tickets: £5 Free to carers
Ticket price includes a hot drink & biscuit.
This screening includes a 20 minute interval.

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Knight Polson

The Point’s On Screen programme is kindly sponsored by Knight Polson


Dates and Times

Tuesday 02 July 10:30am Book Tickets