The Point
The Berry Theatre

Mondays, 7.15pm to 8.30pm

Our regular professional level dance class for dancers in training, dance graduates and professional artists. Led by local professional dance artists.

Monday 15th Jan – Courtney McCarthy

Courtney’s release-based contemporary class will fine tune your awareness to your weight, breath and flow of movement through a series of playful exercises, dynamic floor patterns and extended movement phrases.

Monday 19th Feb – Hattie Musgrove

Athletic and energising, Hattie’s class is physically charged and involves moving in and out of the floor, with movement that has a deep connection to musicality and rhythm. With moments of power, the phrases aim to give the dancers opportunity to explore their own physicality whilst still finding softness.

Monday 11th March – Sarah White

This release-based class will explore musicality through expansive yet controlled movements. Expect some groovy tunes, lots of spirals and turns!

Monday 15th April – Olivia Wallis Jackson

Olivia’s class gives dancers the opportunity to tune into shape and fluidity. Through a series of release-based phrases that encourage dancers to engage the body fully by travelling and sweeping in and out of the floor, we will explore how movement can find both form and flow. 

Event information


Monday 11th March 7:15pm
Monday 15th April 7:15pm
Location: The Point


1 hour 15 minutes


Book Your Place: £5.00

Suitable for

For ages 18 years +