The Point
The Berry Theatre

Love LEGO®?

We’re delighted to be welcoming The Brick People, who’ll be offering a wide range of LEGO® related activities.

Events consist of various LEGO® activity tables, some containing self-building activities and other tables featuring monitored activities such as a timed speed or tower build, where names of the builders are entered onto a leader board for the day for all to see.

There are also a selection of amazing official and unofficial LEGO® creations by The Brick People and the wider LEGO® hobbyist community.

Come along to enjoy a series of free flow workshops including:

  • SPEED BUILD – Think you’ve for good skills? Try the speed build challenge.
  • RACEWAY – Build a vehicle to race down our track made with LEGO® and time your run!
  • MOSAICS – Create a mosaic using LEGO® DOTS and add your design to the mosaic display
  • TIMED TOWER - How tall can you make a tower with LEGO® in just 1 minute
  • YOUNG BUILDERS – AKEGO DUPLO play area to keep the youngest builders occupied!
  • EXHIBITOR DISPLAYS The Brick People are connected to a large network of LEGO® enthusiasts from all over the country and some of their most wonderful creations will be on display today.
  • ANAGRAM TRAILS Find the hidden minifigures and small builds around the venue or the LEGO® displays. Each figure holds a letter for the visitors to find. We provide A5 anagram trail sheets for the children to complete and uncover the mystery word.

*All tickets are inclusive of a £1.50 Restoration Levy

Event information


Wednesday 10th April 10:00am
Wednesday 10th April 11:30am
Wednesday 10th April 1:00pm
Wednesday 10th April 2:30pm
Wednesday 10th April 4:00pm
Location: The Point


Under 16 Years: £6.50
Wheelchair (SD): £6.50
Adult: £6.50

Suitable for

For ages 3 to 12 years

Inclusive Performances

Fully accessible for wheelchair users
Free Personal Carer Ticket