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Bonus Round - Artist Call Out

Do you have a seedling of an act or idea you would like to trial? Have you written a song that you have not yet shared? A joke that you are itching to test? We want to hear from you. 

We are currently looking for a diverse array of local artistic talent to form the creative sharing aspect of our up-and-coming scratch night with a difference, Bonus Round, coming to The Point, Eastleigh on Friday 26th May.

What is Bonus Round?

Bonus Round is a new event which aims to create a social space for artists and audiences to connect.

Teams assemble for a quiz night in the foyer of The Point, Eastleigh with a surprise bonus round twist… short creative interval slots for local artists and performers to share early creative ideas to the quizzers in between each round. Get those team names ready, phones away and immerse yourself in an evening of quizzical and performance fun! 

It is a new approach to our scratch events that aims to connect audience and performer in a relaxed and social settings where ideas can be in the earliest stages without pressure to fill an evening.

We can accommodate an idea that could be newborn and just 60 seconds long or something more fully formed, up to 10 minutes long 

Please talk to us about how we can make this work best for you, your needs and your idea and if you’re up for trying something different with us, get involved! 

What are we offering?

  • £40 project fee + £10 contribution to travel
  • Half day studio space at The Point in kind to keep working on your idea
  • A complimentary drink from the bar on the night of Bonus Round

How can you get involved?

To be considered for this event, please send an expression of why this event is appealing to you, along with a short description of the act you would like to put forward for Bonus Round and any supporting videos and photos of your most recent work to

These can be presented in whichever way best suits you (written, audio, video). If you need anything to make this process more accessible, please also contact

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 22nd May. All successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 24th May.

We are super excited to hear from artists who feel their work would work well in a pop-up event setting.


The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh SO50 9DE
Phone: 023 8065 2333