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Join Bunkum Ensemble as part of their research and development for new show Honey Fungus

One of our FRESH artists, Bunkum Ensemble (Jack Parris), is looking for Brighton/Eastleigh based musicians and physical performers who are interested in joining a cross-disciplinary ensemble to R&D a new show called HONEY FUNGUS which will explore the theme of symbiosis.

  • Symbiosis: is defined as a close, prolonged association between two or more different biological species. This relationship can be symbiotic (mutualistic), where both parties involved benefit from the interaction, or it can be parasitic, where one party benefits while the other is harmed

HONEY FUNGUS will explore the theme of symbiosis in all forms as a way to explore relationships - between humans, animals, plants, objects and more. This will be a physical, musical and largely non-verbal piece with live music scoring throughout, but the form and shape will be discovered during R&D.

Our theatre-making process puts improvisation between musicians and performers at the heart of a physical theatre making process. You can watch an example of another R&D process here

In partnership with Brighton Dome and The Point, Eastleigh we will explore how a physical theatre show can be made through spontaneous improvisation based around games and structures created by Jack Parris (Bunkum, Brighton People’s Theatre). 

Through this R&D period we hope to meet and play with a number of artists in the South and bring some of these collaborators into a touring show after the R&D period


Eastleigh, The Point - Creation Space

  • 28th October - 1st November
  • 17th - 23rd February 2025

Brighton, The Dome -  Anita’s Room

  • March/April 2025 (1 week date tbc)

We are looking for 3 professional musicians and 3 physical performers / actors / movers dancers to come into the R&D process per day and join existing ensemble members. It is worth noting that successful applicants will not be needed for all of these days. A schedule will be created after we have completed the application process.

All ensemble members and crew will be paid  £120 per day in line with ITC rates. We are currently awaiting confirmation of ACE funding, but will continue with some of the R&D activity even if unsuccessful.

What we will do:

  • Play together
  • Explore how physical action can be live scored
  • Explore how cross-disciplinary listening can be used in developing new work
  • Explore music as a dramaturgical tool
  • R&D a new show on the theme of Symbiosis
  • Develop as an improvisatory ensemble
  • Develop our cross-disciplinary language 

At this point we would love to connect with Eastleigh/Brighton based musicians and physical performers who are interested in exploring this theme and this world of cross-disciplinary improvisation. We are looking for artists who are brilliant listeners and flexible responders.

Deadline to apply is August 25th 2024

To apply please complete the form here 


The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh SO50 9DE
Phone: 023 8065 2333