Improvisation Workshop with The Noise Next Door
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The Noise Next Door’s Improv Comedy Workshop 4-6pm

A focused practical session to help you get your teeth into the world of improvised comedy with The Noise Next Door.

The Noise Next Door are the U.K’s premier improv comedy troupe; They are nine time sell-out veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they’ve received rave reviews from the likes of The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Independent, and they have even appeared on ITV1 and BBC Three performing improvised comedy in front of live studio audiences. You could not be in better hands when it comes to learning about making stuff up and making it funny.

This workshop will go through the fundamentals of improvising and develop ideas for how to find the funny in a situation. With a focus on ‘short-form’ improv comedy games and mechanics, this session is designed to give you practical tips and useable tricks for playing games like The Noise Next Door play every night at comedy clubs and theatres all over the world.

Dates and Times

Saturday 14 October 4:00pm Book Tickets