My Work Experience Blog - Alice Fowler
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I have really enjoyed my work experience so far. I have done a range of activities and learnt so much. I came to The Point by myself so I didn’t know anyone, but everyone here is so kind and friendly. They have made sure I felt comfortable with the tasks I was given and they weren’t going to force me to do anything.

When I came in on my first day I was very nervous, all of my friends had chosen to go somewhere near them. I felt out of my depth, but as soon as I walked in I was greeted by Lorraine at the box office. Lorraine is a really sweet and friendly person; she made me feel welcome and a bit calmer. Holly explained to me what kind of jobs I would be doing and about the Bronze Arts award I would completing while I was working here. I really like the idea of working towards a project as well as learning about the theatre and its employees. After that Holly took us on a tour of the theatre, it was huge and had so many rooms. People call this a small theatre, but it’s really not. Although once I knew my way around it didn’t seem so big.

My first job of the day was Film and Programming with Liz. I really enjoyed this because I got to watch trailers for movies and read the reviews for each one, so I could choose two movies for the program. In the end I chose Murder on the Orient Express and Paddington 2. I leant that the bigger cinemas e.g. Vue will show the film for 8 weeks since the release date first, then the independent cinemas e.g. The Point will show the film after those eight weeks. The Point will show the film before twelve weeks since release date because that is when the film will come out on DVD.

On my second day I worked on my Arts Award. I wrote about my arts inspiration for part of it, my arts inspiration is Emma Watson, a British actress, model and an open campaigner for men and women equality. Later on that day I went to a technical rehearsal for What Is The Sky Made Of? by the Berry Youth Theatre. I helped Holly set up and then helped backstage. I also got to watch some of the rehearsal as well; I thought the story line was really cool. The shadow puppetry was my favourite part.

On Wednesday I was in the box office with Lorraine, I was particularly excited by this because I have always wanted to know how the booking system worked and operated. Lorraine taught me slowly and step by step so I understood. The box office seems to be very busy all times of the day. Lorraine showed me how to book tickets from the phone and the counter.  It was a lot of pressure when a customer came in and I had to serve them, but Lorraine helped me through it. Phew, thanks Lorraine. After that I continued to work on my Arts Award.

So that takes us up to now. I have learnt about marketing and what kind of things they do to advertise shows and the Point. They write and design all kind of things; these include posters, direct mail letters and press releases. I designed a poster for the Owl And The Pussycat. I am also going to be going to dance with Citi and then onto the Gingerbread Man rehearsal later with Lewis, where I will lead an activity as part of my Arts award.

I have still got one day left where I will be finishing off my Arts award and leaving The Point. It has been really interesting finding out about the theatre and the various jobs here. I have loved working here and would recommend it to anyone, who loves theatre or the arts. I will miss working here, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It has been a great experience.

By Alice Fowler